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School Supplies

Over the years of my math tutoring, I have realized that tools are the most important part of learning. This would entail hands on materials such as calculators, compasses, protractors, writing pads, and etc. Here is your one stop-shop!

The best pencils that will last the whole year for a real bargain.

This is a whiteboard that is amazing. Double-sided on wheels and is big enough to have real-teacher math lessons at your very home. Highly recommended.

Whats a White Board Without a Marker Set?

This is a writing-pad for my online-tutor sessions. This is very useful because it is a way for the student to write electronically onto LiveBoard. You can think of this as writing on the same piece of paper with your tutor over the internet! Definitely worth every penny.

This calculator is the most common one I am seeing out of all my students. That being said, this calculator would be the best bet of being used with any classroom or teacher. This would mean the sooner your child gets familiar to this calculator, the more they will not have to worry learning a different one come next year’s math class.

For the Geometry students that need to create shapes, angles, and figures. This is an all in one package. Keep in mind this is stuff you will lose or break every year or two, so that is why I kept the budget low.

Coordinate Planes AKA Graph Paper is very essential in math as you can imagine. The trick is how can we make neat notes without having to use single sheet graph paper. I found that these sticky notes solve that issue. It is awesome to be able to graph the answer and plop it right on any paper, especially when the worksheet is more than just graphing!

Sudoku is more of something that I enjoy, but also I am a big believer that this helps student’s cognitive processes. It is a numbers puzzle which students tend to enjoy in my experiences even if they aren’t good at math. Also a plus is it can bring hours and hours of entertainment.

– I love Sudoku so much I’ll give you a free 30 minute online session to teach you how to do the puzzles.